If you have found this site you may be an artist, or you may be someone who is suffering in some way. It is also possible that you know me.

I am Barbara Coleman. I am an artist. I am chronically ill. I am a Christian.

Painting is a way for me to cope with chronic pain. The distraction is remarkable, really better than most of my medicines. At 35 I developed a pain disorder of the central nervous system. Later my cervical spine began degenerating causing daily headaches. That was followed by a skin disease. Then in 2012 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. So for 30 years pain has been my friend.

I painted as a young girl and now picked up the brush again as a grandmother. Each painting has a story and this website is simply an opportunity for me to post each painting and tell it’s tale.

Whenever I paint I need the Lord’s help. I ask Him to put His hand on mine and lead me. Painting has been a time of refreshment even with chronic pain! That is why you would see WGH on the back of every canvas. “With God’s Help”!

As a former floral designer I often paint flowers. In the profession you never have the luxury of just looking deeply at the flower for hours. However, painting them allows me to stare long and hard and treasure what the Creator has made!

So, enjoy these paintings and come back to visit anytime!