Shadow of Leaves


This is an early painting. It was inspired by a photo from a friend. I was enamored of the leaves above casting interesting shadows on the leaves below. Something we see every day but painting this gave me the time to really study it. These were the days I was learning to cope with daily headaches and I could be totally distracted from them when painting. Pleasant memories every time I look at this “Shadow of Leaves”!

Cerise Rose

This is the second in a series of Macro paintings. When I was a floral designer I could finish a vase of a dozen roses pretty fast. They called me the “Rose Queen”. This perspective is about as close as you get to a rose to inhale it’s lovely scent. The name of this painting comes from a little used word, Cerise, which means a deep to vivid reddish pink. This is 2′ x 3′ painting is mounted in a large black carved wood frame.

Sea Shell Peony

This is the third in a series of three Macro painting. Peonies have very thin crepe paper like petals. I was trying to capture the delicate petals contrasted with the heavy foliage in the background. This canvas is 2′ x 3′ and is framed with a wood carved Italian made frame.

The Big Apple Core

Because of the chronic illnesses I live with I don’t travel well. So I use pictures I find to take me away. When I saw this photo of Manhattan, NY I loved the perspective and wanted to capture it. This is a 2′ x 3′ canvas with a gloss varnish to add to the ethereal feeling. When I was half done someone walked in a said “Oh, Manhattan!” You can imagine how happy I was that the city was that recognizable! I always imagined Manhattan to be the center of New York City’s activities hence the title … The Big Apple Core!