Florida Flamingo


It’s mid-winter just now and I’m thinking of the warmth of Florida! This flamingo was lots of fun to paint especially when I found a little used filbert brush tucked away. What fun to use for the feathers! This is quite large at 20 x 30 and I think the colors would brighten any room! Especially a room in Florida!! Hint to husband!!



Believe it or not there’re probably three or four other cows under this one. With acrylics it is pretty easy to paint right over something you don’t like – thank goodness! My favorite part was giving this guy his messy cowlick on top!

I painted this one while dealing with daily migraines – I think that might explain his expression?

How YOU Doin’?


I was struck by the beautiful colors of the feathers of this macaw. As I was painting someone entered my studio and said it seemed like he was looking at her saying “How YOU doin? So there is the title. The canvas is quite long but still not long enough for his entire tail – you can use your imagination!

Date Night


I enjoy painting common everyday things found in the home. Sometimes just a cluster of different shapes can make for an interesting painting. I especially enjoyed the frames for the glasses because I discovered a new paint color. Carbon Black is rich and opaque and I just love it! Note to self: use more Carbon black!!

Waves Of Gratitude

This was a very ambitious project for me to paint moving waves. I started it when the Pandemic began – what a wonderful distraction it was from all the crazy in the world! This canvas is 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall – perfect for over my own couch! I especially enjoyed learning to paint sea foam and was just getting the hang of it when I was almost done!

I am in awe of God’s creating and sustaining beautiful waves all over the world but even more grateful that He helped me with this painting! Waves Of Gratitude…




This was a large challenging painting! I loved the original photo with all of the various light reflections – the bottles, the glasses, even the grapes! Putting it on canvas took a lot of time but boy was it fun! It looks like a party to me.

So let’s Unwine!!

The Flower Shop


I love my local flower shop! I love the smells, the colors and the exotic flowers she has on hand. One day when I stopped by, however, my eyes rested on this simple vase with peonies from the owner’s own garden. They looked loose and casual – not formally arranged. I snapped a picture and really enjoyed painting this – especially the glass vase!

Soul Sisters


So, I went to the shoe store and pulled out some georgeous shoes that I could NEVER in a million years possibly wear. I took some pictures and put the shoes back.
What woman has never had a pile of shoes like this in their closet?
My challenge was to get the blue shoe to look like suede…
It was a fun moment when I decided to sign the painting in the insoles of two of the shoes like the “designer”!