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I was determined to work on painting snow this winter and was enamored of these pine cones. While working on this painting I learned there are actually male and female cones! These are female! The background seemed to take an awfully long time but painting the pine needles was fast and fun!


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This painting took a different turn about halfway through. I had included a coral/rust color that just wasn’t working. After it was covered over and I found the mint green I was very happy. The title comes from the effort to use 3 or 4 brushes at the same time and getting the actual strokes and paint colors to work together to represent music coming from the piano ….. Harmony!

A Dahlia For Emma


This is a triptych (artwork divided into 3 sections) painted for my 9th grandchild! The flower is one of her mother’s favorites. I did not really consider just how MANY petals were involved when I began. This painting gave me a lot of trouble because it seemed that every shadow was a different shade. However, with God’s help it turned out fine and I hope that when Emma is older she can find her name hidden in the painting!

For The Love of Music


Some of my grandchildren play the violin and I never tire of listening to them. A source of inspiration!
I was starting new natural treatments for my illnesses and, as anyone with chronic conditions knows, new remedies bring new challenges! So it was a fun distraction to play with a medium that raised the edges of the old sheets of music – making them actually 3D. Then the violin itself began to emerge and I started to love this piece. It made me happy – like hearing my favorite song!

Play It Again

This is a very large canvas (30 x 40) with a simple silhouette of a grand piano. I started this during a painful two week headache. Yes, that sometimes happens. And again, painting this was a wonderful distraction from discomfort and fatigue. I was using 3 brushes at once for the background and had a ball playing with color!
And the bonus was that headache began fading later that day!!

Bird of Paradise

IMG_1518 ©

When I was a floral designer it was always a treat to work with a Bird of Paradise. Sometimes they would need to be “opened” and you slid your fingernail along the edge and pulled out the colorful insides to make a fan of them. I just loved doing that! This canvas is 20 x 24 and the background has iridescent gold foliage.

Healing Wound

This is a painting of a common site; a birch tree that was wounded when it lost a branch. However, trees have an amazing ability to seal off or compartmentalize most wounds and the only thing remaining is the scar. The testimony of this tree is that it kept growing and thriving. Many of us have been wounded, scarred or maybe disabled in some way. There are people you see every day that have visible or invisible disabilities and I was thinking about THEM as I was painting this fascinating healing wound.