French Country Road

As a former layout artist, all of my work had to be tight and exact. When I began to paint on canvas I worked very hard to “loosen up”. This is one of my first paintings trying a loose impressionistic style. The image is of a road that appears and disappears as it moves away from you through the countryside. So much fun playing with the colors of the distant mountains.

Lazy Stream

Early on in my journey with pain I realized that living with chronic illness is isolating. You don’t travel anymore, you don’t go out to events and your world becomes pretty small. So I paint places I would like to visit but can’t. There is a hidden path – can you find it?

“Lazy Stream” was painted during my early days and I took comfort in the soft colors and gently moving water. The background was applied with a sponge and gives it the texture needed for the fall season. I find this painting very serene and I leave it hanging in my studio because it makes me happy!



This painting is simply called Fuchsia. That covers the name of the flower AND it’s color too! I find it so interesting that centuries ago they decided to name this vivid purplish red color after the Fuchsia plant! Well, why not. It is a great color and was fun to try to develop a contrasting background. This intricate, cascading flower was a delightful challenge!