Lazy Stream

Early on in my journey with pain I realized that living with chronic illness is isolating. You don’t travel anymore, you don’t go out to events and your world becomes pretty small. So I paint places I would like to visit but can’t. There is a hidden path – can you find it?

“Lazy Stream” was painted during my early days and I took comfort in the soft colors and gently moving water. The background was applied with a sponge and gives it the texture needed for the fall season. I find this painting very serene and I leave it hanging in my studio because it makes me happy!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Stream

  1. When I was in elementary school the art teacher had us do a pencil drawing of several trees. She then gave us sponges and lots of fall colors to dip the sponges into, then apply as leaves. It was an especially memorable experience!


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