Waves Of Gratitude

This was a very ambitious project for me to paint moving waves. I started it when the Pandemic began – what a wonderful distraction it was from all the crazy in the world! This canvas is 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall – perfect for over my own couch! I especially enjoyed learning to paint sea foam and was just getting the hang of it when I was almost done!

I am in awe of God’s creating and sustaining beautiful waves all over the world but even more grateful that He helped me with this painting! Waves Of Gratitude…




This was a large challenging painting! I loved the original photo with all of the various light reflections – the bottles, the glasses, even the grapes! Putting it on canvas took a lot of time but boy was it fun! It looks like a party to me.

So let’s Unwine!!

The Flower Shop


I love my local flower shop! I love the smells, the colors and the exotic flowers she has on hand. One day when I stopped by, however, my eyes rested on this simple vase with peonies from the owner’s own garden. They looked loose and casual – not formally arranged. I snapped a picture and really enjoyed painting this – especially the glass vase!

Soul Sisters


So, I went to the shoe store and pulled out some georgeous shoes that I could NEVER in a million years possibly wear. I took some pictures and put the shoes back.
What woman has never had a pile of shoes like this in their closet?
My challenge was to get the blue shoe to look like suede…
It was a fun moment when I decided to sign the painting in the insoles of two of the shoes like the “designer”!



This canvas was an opportunity for a new free style of painting! It was so much fun to represent many images of fall and Thanksgiving in an abstract fashion. I know there are not blue leaves but it seems to work in the composition. It was fun and I hope to do another soon!

Why The Long Face?

Well, I had a leather frame! I figured the only thing that it should hold is a painting of a horse. Do you wonder about the title? My husband’s favorite joke is the old one about the horse who walks into a bar and sits down. The bartender comes over and takes a look at him then asks “Why the long face?”

The background is almost pixelated with consistent short brush strokes – I liked the effect!