This canvas was an opportunity for a new free style of painting! It was so much fun to represent many images of fall and Thanksgiving in an abstract fashion. I know there are not blue leaves but it seems to work in the composition. It was fun and I hope to do another soon!

Why The Long Face?

Well, I had a leather frame! I figured the only thing that it should hold is a painting of a horse. Do you wonder about the title? My husband’s favorite joke is the old one about the horse who walks into a bar and sits down. The bartender comes over and takes a look at him then asks “Why the long face?”

The background is almost pixelated with consistent short brush strokes – I liked the effect!


fullsizeoutput_cf1 ©

I was determined to work on painting snow this winter and was enamored of these pine cones. While working on this painting I learned there are actually male and female cones! These are female! The background seemed to take an awfully long time but painting the pine needles was fast and fun!


IMG_2716 ©

This painting took a different turn about halfway through. I had included a coral/rust color that just wasn’t working. After it was covered over and I found the mint green I was very happy. The title comes from the effort to use 3 or 4 brushes at the same time and getting the actual strokes and paint colors to work together to represent music coming from the piano ….. Harmony!

A Dahlia For Emma


This is a triptych (artwork divided into 3 sections) painted for my 9th grandchild! The flower is one of her mother’s favorites. I did not really consider just how MANY petals were involved when I began. This painting gave me a lot of trouble because it seemed that every shadow was a different shade. However, with God’s help it turned out fine and I hope that when Emma is older she can find her name hidden in the painting!

For The Love of Music


Some of my grandchildren play the violin and I never tire of listening to them. A source of inspiration!
I was starting new natural treatments for my illnesses and, as anyone with chronic conditions knows, new remedies bring new challenges! So it was a fun distraction to play with a medium that raised the edges of the old sheets of music – making them actually 3D. Then the violin itself began to emerge and I started to love this piece. It made me happy – like hearing my favorite song!